Wind and Waves

Product Type: Pirate Ship
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Pubdate: 16 January 2018
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Contacts: AmuseChina-YLZ
Telephone: 15347401344
QQ: 3186491038
WebSite: 游乐志广告有限公司

Dimension: L3,300*D5,750*H3,800mm
Voltage: AC380V
Power: 3KW
Person: 12 Players

Wind and Waves is a new design of tourist car attraction, which is also an amusement project that can swing forth and back along the horizontal axis. It has different names because of the various shapes. For Wind and Waves, it was named for the antique pirate ship appearance. After starting, the ship begins swing from  slowly to rapidly, passengers ride on it with the swing, like they are in the midst of the sea, sometimes rushes to the peak, and sometimes sinks to the bottom. Thrilling and exciting experiences are all challenge the courage. Let’s get on this trip!