Dream Castle

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Pubdate: 18 January 2018
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“Dream Castle” Reward Coin Machine

When step into the colorful amusement park, a wide range of game machines will attract different types of players. Somebody will pursuit the Fast & Furious, while others will like more about the interaction and competition between two players. In any case, the birth of the amusement park mainly aimed at, bringing happy time to customers. Among the various game machines in amusement park, "reward coin machine" is an enduring and popular machine because it’s exciting and the playing method is funny. Recently, Guangzhou U-Enjoy Amusement Equipment Ltd has developed a new reward coin machine which is called “Dream Castle”, let's see what kind of extraordinary gaming experience it will bring to us.

"Dream Castle" is a kind of carnival class amusement machine, the coin machine allows six players to play at the same time. And the machine modeling is unique, safe and reliable. The external is made by glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is beautiful and durable. And the internal adopts large scale integrated circuit and the built-in program, which makes working performance stable and reliable. In addition, the machine have a unique and simulative playing mode, players can push the running lights forward to win the mysterious award "small train" through inserting coins during the period of the corresponding area. Why not come and play with such a challenging machine!

The top of the machine is equipped with a transparent glass window. When players win the super prize, the train will push all the coins into the push plate.
The "Dream Castle" is composed of six separate coin pulling machines. Each can be easily and individually opened and does not affect the operation of other parts.
When throwing the coins into the machine, the game start and the center pointer will begin to swing. The game will be full of challenges and interest.
The machine was designed with castle theme, it’s really fashionable and attractive, and it will become the highlight of the site.

How to play:
When the coins drop from the middle, central running lights (Ferris wheel) will begin to turn on. When the light stops at the number of 3, 5 or 8. The corresponding coins will fall on the push plate.
When the running light stops at number 10 -1 step (2 step), 10 coins will fall on the push plate while the starting and the end will light up one lamp (two lamps).
When lit all the lights, the train will push all the coins into the push plate, and players will win the big prize.