Magic House

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Pubdate: 18 January 2018
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Magic: “Magic House” Test Your Prejudgments

Many people know that the gift machine is especially help in increasing popularity at the bustling shopping center mall. However, many people don't know what kind of gift machine is suitable for their sites. If you choose the wrong one, you will find that the gift machine just occupies the position but you won't make any money from it! So what kind of gift machine is a better one? "The Magic House" has a beautiful appearance, the machine failure rate is low, its operation is stable, it’s easy for players to operate. But if players want to win awards they still need a certain skill, so it's not easy to get bored to play this gift machine. This machine requires players a certain pre-judgment ability and eyesight, and they will challenge incessantly to prove their ability.

Product features:
1. It has unique design of appearance, and gorgeous lighting;
2. It’s one-key controlling game, and the profit can be controlled;
3. It has an open and unique program with high quality electronic chips;
4. It’s popular machine in many site, such as children's playgrounds, supermarkets, games center, shopping malls and so on.

Play instruction:
1. Insert coins to start the game;
2. Press the button and hold it, the heart type begins to move upward, aiming at the hole and Loosen the button. If the heart type can enter the hole, the gift can be obtained;
3. Collect gifts from the gift bag.