Space Station

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Niuniu:Space Station
Themed  Indoor Playground

1. Based on the theme of space station, it is amazing and  popular with kids.
2.Covered with different space station items, players are involved in the adventure.
3. It places emphasis on kids' behaviors such as climbing, rolling, sliding and jumping.
4. All the components are made of durable materials which strictly follow the standards of ASTM international and  European.
5. A variety of games can be set inside the playground such as slides, trampoline, rope course, ball blaster, interactive soft play, ball pool and so on.

Come and take an adventure in the Space Station Themed indoor playground! It is filled with a great deal of space station themed entertaining attractions, including a majestic pirate ship, a mysterious electric rider, soft play games, space ship and more. Children can explore the endless fun freely and go on exciting adventures with their friends! Space Station also provides customers with a rich variety of theme options, including forest, ocean, space, pirate, candy, circus, castle, etc.