Volcano Slide

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Pubdate: 18 January 2018
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I do: Volcano Slide
Playing the function of fitness and entertainment, children's slide plays an important role in their childhood. It can benefit kids’ tactile sense and coordinate ability. The slide is so popular that manufacturers try their best to make the slides feature in charming style with bright colors. But what makes Volcano Slide stand out from other similar slides? With its Real “WOW” factor, brilliant volcano style and eye-catching colors, Volcano Slide tells the story contribute a lot.

Description Concept
Designed for children’s park, the Volcano Slide is initially regarded as a kiddie entertainment equipment. On one hand, the designer aims to stimulate kids’ interest and enthusiasm, encouraging kids to bring out the best in parents. On the other hand, based on the nature of slide, the Volcano Slide would give kids safety and happiness. As a result, a final decision is made to create a slide with colorful, fresh, natural and vivid volcano images, bringing kids with more safety, more happiness and more lively entertainment environment.

Product Description
1. The DIA of the whole slide is 3 meters while the height is 2.6 meters.
2. It is made up of stainless steel, steel tube, PVC leather with high strength, fire proof EPE etc. The slide which is made of stainless steel is bright and there's, little friction, it is easy to clean.
3. The slide, whose side face is made of the PVC leather, has a circular form. The climbing volcano is a visually impressive and colorful product.
4. Ocean Balls for kids to play and rubber mat will be set on the ground so that kids can go back to the ground more safely.

How to Play
The design invites kids to climb directly to the top of the attraction through the hook on the side face or through the stainless steel made connect channels. When kids reach the top of the volcano, they can slide down by the slide.