The 21st International Exhibition “Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAAPA EXPO-2019” was successfully taking place on March 13-15, 2019 at VDNH, Moscow.

RAAPA EXPO 2019 Overall Results

26 March 2019

The 21st International Exhibition “Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAAPA EXPO-2019” was successfully taking place on March 13-15, 2019 at VDNH, Moscow.

The exhibition was organized by the Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA). General Sponsor: Pax Design Co. General Media Partner: Amusement Industry Catalogue, magazine; web-based partners:, and others.

Around 200 companies from more than 20 countries all over the world (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA, Mexico, UAE, Turkey, Netherlands, China, Great Britain, Taiwan, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, France, Bulgaria, and Switzerland) took part in the exhibition and presented all the main trends in the modern amusement industry: park rides, redemption machines and simulators, 5D cinemas, VR attractions, kiddie playgrounds and sports equipment, shooting galleries, trampolines and bounces, ropes courses, theme design, access control systems, automation systems, billiard and bowling, equipment for waterparks, vending and prize machines, park and FECs design services, staff training, event management, landscape design, food services, and many others.

40 exhibitors joined the RAAPA EXPO for the first time which is a special record in the number of newcomers. This yet again proves that the entertainment market in Russia keeps developing.


Let us outline some major trends and novelties of the RAAPA EXPO this year:



Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies are one of the main trends of the modern entertainment industry. And there’s no surprise that this tendency has been reflected at the show. Number of the companies presenting various VR/AR attractions ranging from separate equipment to entire interactive park has significantly increased this year. Among the most noteworthy exhibitors are CL Corporation (France) with thrilling VR rafting simulator; Hello Park, a developer of innovative phygital park with immersive experience of interactive space; and VR Platforma that created an attraction enabling free movement in virtual reality.  


Classics of the genre

Renowned Italian company Antonio Zamperla SPA has stood out not only for the largest booth but also for its spectacular attraction – super jet merry-go-round with integrated computer game. This know-how has attracted lots of professionals. Impressive booths with attractions were also presented by PlaySpace, ItalPark, and others.


Higher and higher

Year by year, kiddie playgrounds and sports equipment seize ever-greater area of the show. Outdoor activities trend is being supported at RAAPA EXPO by numerous manufacturers displaying children playground structures of distinguished design and construction. Huge playground over 5 m high produced by KSIL was welcoming all the visitors at the very entrance to the show-floor. Height records were also set by multiple inflatables traditionally located at the end of the exposition.


It all starts with the project

Major international companies offering theme parks design and construction joined RAAPA EXPO-2019. Those include the operator of the largest indoor amusement park IMG Worlds of Adventure from the United Arab Emirates as well as Australian Sanderson Group Design Limited boasting 30 years’ experience in parks construction all over the world.


Not for the faint-hearted

True chamber of horrors was built at the expo by THEMEBUILDERS. Naturality of disposed figures and decorations went over the top. Far from every visitor of the show had enough courage to go through the labyrinth. Chances are that this attraction will soon emerge in parks taking this kind of entertainment to a new level.


Attraction +

Along with the entertainment equipment itself, the show hosted various offers of services for the business: attractions mounting, certification and testing of equipment, legal audit of parks, light and sound design, staff training, business process automation systems, consulting services in the entertainment industry, and many others.



As the majority of participants and guests stated, RAAPA EXPO-2019 turned to be very successful and efficient. Here are just few of the exhibitors’ references:


The exhibition left an excellent impression, the organization of the exhibition was held at the highest level. The exhibition has become a good platform for us to present our Interactive Playsystem in Eastern Europe. We received a large number of useful contacts both with Russian companies and with foreign companies. (Kateryna Vinokurova, JB-Inflatables/Interactive Playsystems)


We managed to get many leads that hopefully in future will grow into contracts. Many thanks to the organizers for always being ready to help swiftly and solve all the issues. (Yekaterina Danyukova, GoPark)


We consider RAAPA a well-organized trade show. We met in the three days show several potential new customers and we hope that between the projects they have in mind, to have a positive return in terms of order confirmations soon. Certainly, next year we will participate again. (Lino Ferretti, Preston & Barbieri srl, Italy)


This year the Expo looks more busy. I believe Russia will be very interesting for new amusement parks and destinations. (Stefano Moser, MOSER's RIDES srl, Italy)


       The Expo left a very good impression. More than 100 people have tried our VR-platform, several solid contracts have been signed. We wish to RAAPA EXPO all the success and enlargement. (Roman Vartanov, VR Platforma)


Golden exhibitors

RAAPA Gold Medals were awarded to the best exhibits of the show: OtAdoYa (Russia), Polin Waterparks (Turkey), Imlight (Russia), Antonio Zamperla SPA (Italy), KSIL (Russia), Zigong City Ocean Art Co., Ltd (China), CL Corporation (France), Sorel (Russia), Sanderson Group Design Limited (Australia), (Russia).


In total, more than 4000 specialists have visited the exhibition over a three-day period: owners and top-managers of parks, family entertainment centers, water parks, representatives of cities’ and regions’ administrations, developers and investors, owners and directors of resorts, hotels, leisure complexes, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of entertainment equipment, private entrepreneurs, representatives of mass-media, and other parties concerned.


Educational programme

Record-breaking was this year the business forum. Almost 500 specialists from Russia and abroad took part in various business trainings, conferences, seminars, and workshops. Presentations were given by leading Russian and foreign experts from Germany, UAE, Belarus, France, Italy, and Turkey.

       The topic of the entertainment business organization was covered at the ‘Current trends of F&B services in the amusement industry’ seminar, ‘I want to know all about you, to serve you better and to earn more!’ business training (speakers: Pavel Timets and Dina Burganova), ‘Reboot and streamlining of entertainment business’ workshop (speakers: Happylon FEC team, Surgut), ‘What is a scent of “the jungle”? We create profitable ambience in the entertainment center’ business breakfast (hold by the experts of Avira Group of companies), ‘How to grow annual by 30%? “To be or not to be” for arcade machines in the entertainment center’ (speaker – Ludmila Kiseleva).

The most massively attended were three conferences: ‘Trends of amusement and leisure parks’ development in Russia: organization of successful operation and effective management’, ‘Leisure industry in the 21st century: from attraction to entertainment complex’, and ‘Safety of amusement rides and playgrounds. New regulations of 2019’.

       Targeted audience gathered at the ‘Operation and management of waterparks under current conditions’ conference and the ‘Legal protection of entertainment centers and amusement parks’ seminar, both were joined by a significant number of specialists.

As part of the Expo, Interacademic Students’ Applied Research Conference ‘Present-day amusement industry: vectors of modernization’ was held jointly by Moscow State Institute of Culture and RAAPA.


Book launch

Quite rare for our industry event happened on March 14 – the launch of the “Park of Amusement Period. Entertainment center from a project to a Happy Guest” book. The author of the book Pavel Timets faced his future readers, told the story behind the book, and signed first personal copies. 


International award

For the 9th time in a row the Golden Pony Moscow-2019 international awards ceremony (established by the publishing house Facto Edizioni, Italy) took place. Grand ceremony was held at the Gala Dinner dedicated to the Expo opening on March 13. In 2019, the award was won by: Carousel amusement park (Vladivostok), ChaiLand FEC (Saratov), Central Park (Tashkent), Dreamwood park (Yalta), LetoLeto waterpark (Tyumen), Skazka park (Moscow), Mamalak FEC (Bishkek), Yalta Intourist complex (Yalta), DigIt Explorers center (Rostov-on-Don), Sky Trip activity park (Perm).


RAAPA EXPO-2019 has displayed current trends of the world entertainment market, modern technologies and leisure formats that will bring joy to the visitors of parks, waterparks, and FECs in the nearest future.

In the course of the years, RAAPA EXPO has not only become the event where local and foreign manufacturers present their products and services twice a year, but turned into the unique business platform for amusement industry professionals’ networking and inception of new ideas and projects enhancing the development and improvement of leisure industry in our country.  



We look forward to welcoming you at the forthcoming exhibitions RAAPA EXPO!


The 13th International Exhibition “RAAPA EXPO Autumn-2019”
       October 2 – 4, 2019, pav. 75, VDNH, Moscow


The 22nd International Exhibition 
       “Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAAPA EXPO-2019”
       March 2020, pav. 75, VDNH, Moscow



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